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DON'T FRET "Investing In The Future"
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Six colors screenprint on Rosaspina paper 285 gsm - 50x70 cm.
Edition of 30.
Hand-colored by the artist making each print unique.
Signed and numbered.

"Investing In The Future"

There is an old Chinese proverb about giving a man a fish or teaching a man to fish. An immediate resolution or a long term flourish. As more and more Italian companies are sold to outside interests and foreign companies, the question arrises what is in their eyes and whether they are willing to invest in the long term future or take the money and run. And with a media more obsessed with celebrities and scandal than factual journalism, it seems they too would rather eat for a night then anything more long term. One thing is for certain, advancement will come from ordinary people facing exceptional challenges, and if we all voice our concerns for the future, perhaps those at the top will still be able to eat for a night, they just might be covered in tomatoes while they do it.

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